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Discussion in 'Chevy C/K Truck Forum' started by robs1992chevywt, Jan 20, 2012.

  1. robs1992chevywt

    robs1992chevywt New Member

    ok so i have a 1992 Chevy 1500 W/t 4.3v6. No a/c unit from factory. Problem is my heat stopped working it blew a fuse. replaced fuse it was fine for a week. since then i replaced the blower motor. blower resistor. fan switch. fuse. Ive tested blower motor and it works i did a volt check at the blower motor and when turning the switch...fan speed 0-0V fan speed 1,2 and 3-10.xV. i Would try to replace the blower motor or switch relay but i have no idea where it is. i know where it is located on the heat/ac trucks but not the w/t no a/c PLEASE HELP i cannot continue to drive it this winter with no heat for the 3rd year in a row
  2. DanPruski

    DanPruski Member

    you said you replaced the blower motor alrerady and have tested it, why replace it again?
    and is it just the fan not blowing hot air or is it blowing cold air?
    the blower motor is on the passenger side against the firewall under a black cover, the relay should be under the dash near the passenger side as well
  3. robs1992chevywt

    robs1992chevywt New Member

    im not replacing the blower motor again i just didnt know if i got a bad one so i threw a jumper to it and it works fine and i dont know where the relay is i know the a/c equipped trucks have a "relay pack" 3 relays behind the glovebox ontop of the airbox infront of the resistor and to the left of the ecm. its not blowing air at all thats the issue and i cannot find the relay(s) anywhere if i had a diagram itd be so easy but i cannot locate a diagram
  4. Scott_Anderson

    Scott_Anderson Rockstar 100 Posts

  5. robs1992chevywt

    robs1992chevywt New Member

    i looked again but still nothing there arent any wires going behind the airbox or ontop or anything. Does anybody know what the two relays are under the dash on the drivers side next to the kick panel...almost behind the pedals.....a picture of the relay location would be awsome if anyone knows the blower relay location
  6. outalne94z71

    outalne94z71 Member

    i will go out and look at my truck in the morning to tell you exactly where the relay is at, my offroad truck has the non a/c setup, i am pretty sure it still was on top of the heater box but it has been a while since i wrenched in there, relays on the driverside are for blinkers and brake lights and the door chime
  7. DanPruski

    DanPruski Member

    The issue might be as simple as the whole heater switch. It's real common for them to wear out and stop working just like a headlight switch or something. Can check that just to see if theres power coming out of it, to the blower motor, if there's no power at the blower motor then the switch is bad
  8. robs1992chevywt

    robs1992chevywt New Member

    i tested voltage at the blower motor and with the 3 speed fan switch at 0 i had 0 volts....at 1 i had 10.xx volts....2 and 3 were the same as 1 i replaced the switch and it was bad (BWD imagine that) now i have a brand new AC delco switch

    here is a photo of my airbox near the ecu

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  9. DanPruski

    DanPruski Member

    Does it work at the blower motor now?
  10. robs1992chevywt

    robs1992chevywt New Member

    does what work....i have voltage but it doesnt vary thats why im assuming the blower relay is bad i just cannot locate it

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