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Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by 96Z71VORTEC, Nov 25, 2008.

  1. 96Z71VORTEC

    96Z71VORTEC New Member

    When I turn on the heater switch, it will take a while to warm up before anything even barely comes out even on the highest setting. Then at some point it will start blowing out like it should and is fine. It has only done that a few times. Usually it barely blows anything out, but it is hot air when it does. The switch is supposed to vary the amount/speed of air coming out, but it doesn't work that way. Could I have a bad blower motor, or a bad switch?
  2. retired2001

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    My '04 has similar problems and I thing we both have "switch" problems. I'm no mechanic, but I believe it is the switch. Good luck.
  3. GaryL

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    Does the fan sound like it's blowing, but you're not getting any air out or is it just not blowing at all for a while?
  4. Howie

    Howie Rockstar

    Sounds like the switch or Blower motor resistor might have had it.
  5. the blower motor resistor controls fan speed thats about it if it blows on all settings it has nothing to do with the resistor..however it may just have a high temp thermostat in it and it takes a while to get up to the certin temp needed to open..its hard to tell what you have for a problem by your discription
  6. Howie

    Howie Rockstar

    True, but we dont know if the blower motor even works at point.
  7. 96Z71VORTEC

    96Z71VORTEC New Member

    Ok, sorry for the delay. It turns out the heater switch is fine. The wires/connections going to the blower motor are LOOSE. I either just have to jiggle those wires or tap on the blower motor to get it to work. Now to fix it, either I get a new motor and put it in, to see if that fixes it to where it works everytime and I don't have to tap on it, or I figure out if it is just the loose connection on the wires and figure out a way to make them tighter
  8. daddytech

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    you should hear a funny growling or noise similar to something dragging if it were the blower motor. if this is on your 1996 then it more than likely is the switch they have a bad history of going out. both went out on my wife's 98 suburban (which has the same to controls) Her blower motor went completely out and i had to replace it. And I mean it was squealing loud, I replaced it and now it works but only on low and high so her switch is bad too. depending on who or where you get those control panels with the switches they are kind of costly. I recomend talking to the dealer and checking ebay.
  9. Kenny

    Kenny New Member

    funny you mention that..exactly what mine is doing..getting worse to. blowing of hot air as i notice increases and decreases depending on how fast im traveling. if at a light, barely anything hot..it slightly turns to cold air.

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