HEEEEELP! 2000 Silverado has a major electrical issue!

Discussion in 'GM Electrical Tech' started by Jimmeh, Sep 12, 2012.

  1. Jimmeh

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    A few months ago, the fuel pump went out in my dads truck, and he finally replaced it today. He had to jump start the truck for it to go, and he said he ran it for a long time with no issues. When he got home, he plugged it into his battery charger to try to get the volts back up. The charger said the battery was about 85%, so we figured it was high enough to start. When he turned the key to "on", we noticed the lights were very dim on the inside, and when he tried to start it, the starter made a hellacious noise (just clicks), the headlamp relay buzzed like a bug zapper and all the lights on the dash were flashing and flickering like crazy!

    To back up just a little bit, last week or the week before, I got into his truck to grab something, and triggered the alarm. Apparently, he accidentally hit the lock button, but his passenger side door did not lock fully. Since he wasn't home, we couldn't stop the alarm from his key fob, but it eventually stopped on it's own (no horn, the lights were flashing and the relay was clicking). I am wondering if there is some correlation between the two things. If you guys can help me out, that would be awesome! I was trying to tell him how to reset the passlock on the truck, but he's stubborn as hell and can't wait for 10 minutes. Either way, the security light only flashes with the key turned one click or the door open, like normal.
  2. dpeter

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    Check the battery connections first then if that does not improve things then have the battery checked at your local parts store.
  3. Skippy

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    Nope, doesn't sound likely. The car alarms will always turn off after 10 minutes or so (give or take, depending on the brand/model).

    Sounds like you have a bad battery. The drain on the battery is tremendous during cranking, and it just couldn't output the raw amperage. Either charge it 100% and try again, or take it in and have it tested. I strongly suspect a new battery will fix the issue, as dpeter notes.

  4. tbplus10

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    Have a local shop check the battery for any dead cells.
  5. PantheraUncia

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    I would say the battery and maybe have the alternator checked also, but the alternator does not sound like it is the problem.
  6. Jimmeh

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    You guys rock! It was indeed a dead battery cell.

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