HEI distributor on 1991 suburban possible???

Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by 91SUBURBEAST, Jul 12, 2011.


    91SUBURBEAST Member

    Is it possible to use a HEI distributor on a 1991 suburban that didn't come with one? Are there any drawbacks or advantages to this? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  2. troutbug

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    I don't see why not...I put one on my '63 BelAir and it definitely didn't come with one. It was nice not having to constantly adjust/change points anymore. It ran great with no problems. I did have to bring a new wire to it for 12V because the old one must have had a resistor somewhere in the line and the voltage was lower. I also had to bang on the firewall a little with a hammer to make room for it! I'm sure someone will chime in who knows a little more about this than me.

    91SUBURBEAST Member

    Thank you....well my truck is currently fuel injected and when I was talking to someone at autozone regarding my truck they asked if mine had HEI or not so I thought it may have been an option or something and I was needing a new distributor and have found some new ones on craigslist but only in HEI. On another note my distributor bolt is crazy tight for some reason and won't even come lose using a 3 for breaker bar. Suggestions on how to get it off?
  4. Revredneck

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    First of all, why would you want to change the distributor?
    If your truck has fuel injection the old style HEI distributor will physically fit the hole, but it WILL NOT be compatible with the fuel injection system. The module in the distributor is provides ignition information to the computer and the older unit doesn't have that ability. Sorry to disappoint you.
    Good Luck and God Bless

    91SUBURBEAST Member

    Thank you for the information. I need to change my distributor because my old one has lots of bad parts and its cheaper to just buy a new one and a friend had an HEI for me if it would've worked.
  6. troutbug

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    That's what I liked about that old BelAir....no damn "computer modules"!! Haha.
  7. stephan

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    Burbeast, If your vehicle is not subject to I&M inspection & your friend also has a carb & manifold to go along with the HEI dist. you can go that route if your wallet's a little thin.

    91SUBURBEAST Member

    Thanks guys I fixed the problem...I installed a new ignition control module and it runs like a champ now.

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