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    I am a new owner of a "New to me" 2006 Avalanche and am thinking of replacing the headlight setup on the vehicle. Seems like inside of lens is bad discolored and buffing the outside don't help much. My question is this, when I look on Ebay or Amazon or other places, I find some that I like and it then says in the information on them that they are for non-cladding models :( I had to read and find out what the cladding was to be for sure. Mine does have all the plastic down the side of the truck and the complete cover for the bed. So I am to assume that the model of headlight assemblies that state "for non cladding models " will not work with my truck, right ? Anyone had any experience with this replacing the complete assembly ?? Thanks in advance for all info :)

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    Welcome to this great site Maachuu
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    welcome to GMTC! @Enkeiavalanche can answer that question for you. My only advice is to make sure that the housings that you are buying are DOT approved. There was just a posting here about a guy who had non dot approved lights, was hit while waiting at a light and was sued by the family of one of the people in the other car that died. Long story short, he may be on the hook for 11 million dollars. Many ebay housings are not dot approved. The seller will say that they are made in a dot approved facility, but they will not tell you that the actual housings you are buying are not approved.
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    Thanks Pikey, never had thought or knew of the DOT thing, thanks again :great:

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    Thanks bigdawg33
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    wow !! can find all kinds of aftermarket & replacement headlight assemblies for the AV without cladding, when I find the ones (which are few so far) the price is like triple of the ones that fit the AV without cladding :( looks light I might have try to restore the originals :)

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