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Discussion in 'Member Introductions' started by cadillacmike, Sep 11, 2009.

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    Hey everyone! Just wanted to say Hi! My name is Mike, and im in Chicago. Im obviously new here, and im looking foreward to intereact with everyone more often now. I currectly own a 2002 Cadillac Escalade, and i joined here because, well, there arent any good sites for Escalade owners. So, i figured since my truck is pretty much a Tahoe with cadillac badging and minor diffrences, ill join here. Im always up to working on my truck and just keeping her going. I bought her used back in 06, and i cant say shes been too bad to me. I gotta say tho, i do love her and just making her better is what i like to do. Ill give you some quick details about her. So far shes pretty much stock. One of the "rarer" green Escalade's since she has the deep emerald green color. Not too many of those around, or at least not that many i have seen :lol:. I put 22" wheels on her, added a sound system, and put in a indash fold out tv/dvd radio. Nothing much keeping it pretty simple. She does have her quirks, and im hoping with this site, maybe i can get those ironed out. Well, thanks for reading my post, and hope to hear from you guys soon!! Take care!!

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    :sign0016:to the site Mike,from Calif......Any Pics of the Ride??? :glasses:
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    I have one on my phone, not the best, ill see if i can at least post it up on my profile, at least give u a idea of what my babi, as i call her lol, looks like. OH! I was reading your post on the double din install for the radio, NICE JOB!! Now i wonder if that will work in my truck lol.
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    welcome to the site.......I have a escalade also I have used this site on more than one occasion Ok its actually the wifes I just pay for it..

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    Lol. Yeah i was there b4 lol. Its all good. They are very nice trucks, its just when something goes bad, they go bad big. Thank god i work for Napa and can get parts at almost cost lol. But that is a nice color. I was going to buy one like that, but the green caught my attention. I just put up some pics in the photo album, but dont laugh at my failed attempt to paint my old car :lol: Yeah, it was pretty bad. Ahh well i had to start somewhere. I can fix a car to no end, pull motors and trans out, but u give me body work and i screw it all up hahahahah

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    Oh That's not my truck.You can do the Double Din in your Ride.There is a Company that makes the Brackets for the double Din setup for the 99's and up.
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    Sweet!!!! I gotta find them. My buddy has the Pioneer AVIC D1 (i think) I know its D1 or D2, anyways, hes buying a new radio, and said he will sell me that one for 200. Thats a deal i just cant pass up! Lol. Considering i have the Jensen in my truck right now, and altho it aint bad, i just want the navigation system. Plus it will just look all around nicer and cleaner with the Pioneer in there.

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    Ya Mike,I'm trying to find that company that makes the brackets,went I do I'l shot you a PM. :great:
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    Welcome to the site!

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