Hello all

Discussion in 'Member Introductions' started by mes4888, Apr 6, 2011.

  1. mes4888

    mes4888 New Member

    Hello all,

    My name is Matt, this is my intro to the site. I have an 08 2500 hd gasser and love it. I dont love the gas prices right now but you gotta pay to play!
  2. jbjohnson92f

    jbjohnson92f New Member

    welcome to the club
  3. Bigbomber

    Bigbomber New Member

    Welcome t the club!
  4. Welcome to the club, Matt.
  5. mfleetwood

    mfleetwood Moderator

  6. Als09Sierra

    Als09Sierra New Member

    Welcome aboard. You gotta love that 6.0 though. Is it flex fuel?
  7. Blacksheep1

    Blacksheep1 New Member

    Welcome to the club. Look in the performance & fuel section for mpg tips
  8. Vincennes02261897

    Vincennes02261897 New Member

    Welcome to GMTC!
  9. stephan

    stephan New Member

    Welcome to the club Matt
  10. retired2001

    retired2001 New Member

    Welcome to the G M T C !

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