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    My wife recently totaled my 07 F150 (I have owned two new trucks in my life, both Fords, both totaled) when a drunk driver blew through a stop sign at a T intersection right in front of her. While fighting it out with the insurance company, figured I might as well get something to drive in the meantime. Knew it had to be a family vehicle or a truck, well, I want a new truck, so started looking at what I could get for cash. Came across a 1 owner 97 4wd, Suburban 1500. So clean it looks new. 3 in lift, perfect paint, not a drip or wetspot anywhere, and after the wifes accident gets her this is big enough that I feel safe seal of approval. Oh also have 5 kids and a 4,000 mile trip to florida planned in Sep that I was going to rent a van for, but instead will put the burb to the test!

    Some of my bonafides, I am not a Dodge man, Ford man, or GM man, I am a built in America man! I have oned a TON of cars over the years, more cars than years actually, party from being unlucky, partly from buying alot of cheap beat up stuff, and partly with never being satisfied with what I have!

    My previous GM history(owned many, many more Dodges and Fords than GM's over the years), 79 GMC pickup, didnt take care of it and killed the engine, young, stupid. 79 Olds Omega, wife killed this one, yes that oil light is a bad sign! 86 Olds Cutlas terrible luck with engines in this car, blew two in short period and gave up on it, 91 Pontiac Firebird, had the V-6 and was slow, slow, slow but looked nice and was really pretty reliable, 63 Chevy Impala which I loved and sold way too cheap, 97 GMC Savana Conversion van with the Mark III package. We bought this in Germany and drove it everywhere, in the Alps, tons of countries, loved it and sold me on GM's. Drove it the 4,000 mile trip to Florida in 07' before selling it last year to help buy a house. I still see it all the time as the new owner is in the same town and now the 97 Suburban. May even buy a GM truck when the insurance company quits messing around!

    Anyway, my longwinded life story way of saying hello!
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    Well hello and welcome to the site. I jumped around from car to car for a while from highschool until I bought my 04 silverado. Rarely had a vehicle over a year and now I'm determined to keep this Silverado forever.

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    Welcome to the site!!
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    Welcome to the site! Like you, I've owned most brands and still stick with Chevrolets. The best Impala I had was a '63 SS in Ember Red, great car! Have fun!
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    Welcome to the GMTC from Vancouver, WA!!!
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    welcome to the site
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    Welcome to the site!
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    Welcome to the site!
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    Welcome to the site!
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    Welcome to GMTC!

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