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Discussion in 'Member Introductions' started by murdog94, Mar 26, 2010.

  1. murdog94

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    Hey all i was on this forum a few years back. I since have lost all of my info hence the new name etc.. I have owned every body style of Chevy truck from 1988 to 2006... I have owned 2 1988, Chevy trucks, one a 2wd 350 V-8, 5spd std cab long bed. The other is my new to me and current truck an 88 Chevy 2500 ext cab, long bed 4X4 350 V-8, 5spd this thing is a monster!!! Ive already begun modifying it to fit my preferences..
    Next came a 1990, and 1994 K500s with 350s auto, ext cab short beds.. Then comes a 2002 Silverado ext cab 4X4 with the 5.3, and lastly which i gladly got rid of was a 2006 Silverado 2wd LT ext cab..
    I went back to the older body style since i Love the look and honestly you wouldnt be able to give me a 1999 up chevy ever again. (no offense ive just had a really bad time with the 2 that i owned.) They both spent numerous trips to the dealer. The 2006 was there a total of 11 times in 24K miles... The other ate the tranny (i am meticulous about maint) at 60K miles..
    So here i sit with this 88, and a fun time modifying and working on it.. Hope to get some input and mabey help out when and where i can..
    Oh and anyone else from my region hit me up since i might need to reach out to try and find some parts here in the near future.
  2. ejohnson03

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    Welcome back...

    We will need to see some pice of your project sometime soon!:gasp:

    Great to have you back.
  3. murdog94

    murdog94 Epic Member 5+ Years 5000 Posts

    I want to be able to put the 07 rims and tires that i got for it first... and mabey wash it since i looks like it hasnt been washed since it was new...
    But my interior project ill be taking pics of progress....
    But for sure there will be pics posted soon...
  4. retired2001

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    Welcome back to the GMTruckClub!
  5. Shorty 71

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    Welcome back to the site!!
  6. Coolrado

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    welcome back.
  7. Eddie Z71

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    Hi, and welcome back!:glasses:
  8. Bigbomber

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    Welcome back to the forum!
  9. j-schmizzle

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    glad you're back!!
  10. canislupis69

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    Welcome back!

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