HELP!!!! 1995 gmc suburban 1500 engine problems!!

Discussion in 'Chevy Suburban Forum (GMC Yukon XL)' started by Loganh, Feb 5, 2014.

  1. Loganh

    Loganh New Member

    i have a 1995 suburban with the 350 tpi and out of no where it quit running, it has a new fuel pump, filters, fresh oil, none of my fuses are blown, i seem to have strong spray from the throttle body injectors, i have spark, brand new iac valve, brand new tps, it will start but then immediately die, if i throttle it i can keep it running but it runs like complete crap and will not idle on its own, I'm confused beyond belief help me out guys!!
  2. Scrufdog

    Scrufdog New Member

    OK, lets see.

    You can get it to run, so its not the timing chain.
    It has fuel and fire, so the ignition module and coil are probably ok.

    How are the oil and antifreeze? I know you said the oil was fresh, but how does it look now, and how did the old stuff look? When is the last time you tuned it up? Have you pulled a spark plug to check its condition? Could the EGR valve be stuck open? Bateery voltage ok? Where did you buy the TPS from? Lots of aftermarket TPS's do not do well in these engines. Have a way to check fuel pressure? The injectors will still spray even with poor fuel pressure.

    Remember, new doesnt always mean good.

    Did this problem exist before you changed everything? Or was everything replaced then the problem occured sometime after?
  3. Loganh

    Loganh New Member

    i changed the tps, iac, fuel pump, spark plugs, fuel filter, air filter all at the same time about 3 months ago.. i pulled it into the garage to clean it out and then it wouldnt start, that night i changed the fuel pump because it was acting like it wasnt getting enough fuel, it still didnt fix the problem.. im confused
  4. Scrufdog

    Scrufdog New Member

    Could be the fuel pressure regulator took a dump and isnt supplying enough fuel. Might need to grab a fuel pressure gauge and check it out. Most parts store carry 0-15 psi inline gauge that would work fine. Factory spec pressure is 9-13, but 12-14 is really the best.

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