help 1999 454 vortec no power pulling trailers wont starthot after sitting

Discussion in 'GM Powertrain' started by chuck 454, Sep 21, 2012.

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    this is crazy i'm a mechanic thats what is driving me nuts, a little history... bought the truck with a bent rod #5 cyl. leaked gas in then hydro locked, thought easy fix. so built the motor, installed and ran terrible, had codes every where, found out the harness had melted on the EGR tube, the former guy never put on the bracket that holds harness up. so I fixed that, good no codes starts up cold perfect, runs empty good, but put a 25 ft cruiser boat on and your 40 mph up hills and when it sits 30-40 min. wont start unless you clear flood it now I know what you'll say ... aleaky injector or reg...nope had them checked and flow tested no problem, changed reg. bought( standard) product two different times still the same. so I even changed the whole inj. rack from a parts eng. still exactly the same. also fuel pressure will never go over 52 psi. changed fuel pump ,a DELPHI still the same, took the cats off no power change. I'm stumpped any ideas short of setting it ablaze.. thanks for any help chuck.

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