help adding aux in to factory 6 cd

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  1. 03 SIERRA

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    i have an 03 sierra oem 6cd bose with onstar and no xm. is it possiable to use the xm inputs on the smaller plug on the back of my head unit? i read somewhere that since my vehicle did not come with xm that my dealer would have to enable it for the hu to recogonise the aux. i came accross this on pac audios website. could i cut that long white plug off and solder in a headphone jack? or do i absolutley need this item as well?
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  2. 03 SIERRA

    03 SIERRA Rockstar 100 Posts

    Seriously no one has tried using the xm input for something before?
  3. Jalapeno Business

    Jalapeno Business New Member

    I'm curious about this also. I have a 2003 Silverado w/ the bose package.
  4. anven

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    I would guess you do need the adapter as opposed to just splicing in a headphone jack into an XM input. The fact that adapter exists indicates its not a simple audio input. Does the radio have an "aux" or "XM" button that can switch to that input? if yes - why not just try to feed a audio signal to it? If no, then there must be at the very least some detection circuitry that the $80 dollar adapter fakes out.

    There may be another brute force approach and that is to feed your AUX right into the BOSE amplifier. I've never tried it before myself, but seems like a simple switch can be used to either feed HU output into the bose amp, or your aux jack. Try at your own risk :)
  5. Jalapeno Business

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    More than likely I'll go the adapter route. I was just hoping to hear from someone successfully adding an Aux to their system in a pretty easy way. I have a SiriusXM reciever and want to integrate it. Or would putting the satellite radio add-on in be easier?
  6. anven

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    If I understand your question correctly, you are asking if adding an XM receiver to your head unit would be easier than feeding audio from an existing xm receiver through an AUX jack.

    It will be the same amount of work required to do either. Take out radio, install a module (either xm or aux), reinstall radio. :) pros and cons in my opinion is that with a hard wired XM receiver you will have ability to control it from the radio, and also may get better sound quality. With an AUX, you have to control it via external receiver, quality may suffer because of bad aux cable/jack as well as lack of external antenna, however you do get the option of using more audio sources (i.e ipod, iphone etc..) in addition to the XM.

    Honestly, I would recommend just going with an aftermarket head unit that has an aux input and/or xm receiver built in. They are so cheap these days that it will almost cost you the same if not more to "improve" your factory system.

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