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    im looking to upgrade my single disc and cassett in my 2003 gmc sierra 1500 to a 6 disc. I have factory bose (but it doesnt say it on the face plate), onstar and steering wheel controls. I have heard there about 10 different part numbers that were used for this radio. ive called 3 different dealers and the parts guy gusses and give me a different number each time. Which one do i need to use? and what else would i have to do to get it installed? One more thing i believe currently my onstar plugs into the auxilary port on my radio, so how would i add an aux jack at that location on the 6 disc?
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    I think that all you need in the RPO speaker code from your glovebox. Checkout this site: I have used them for parts and they were very helpful. You can call them and tell them what you want to do, chances are they will be able to help using your vin number or your RPO codes in your glovebox. They are also cheaper than a dealer will be. Who knows, you might be able to buy the 6 disc mechanism and circuit board for $132, put that in your current radio and be done! The should be able to tell you that info. I don't work for them or have any affiliation with them. I just had a great experience with them and am passing on the info.
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    I guess I would want to know why you want the 6 disc changer? If you went with a replacement GM stock head unit with a USB port, then you could hook up a thumb drive with more than 6 discs worth of music.

    I have about 300 CD's worth of music on 1 thumb drive. Also there are no mechanical parts and disc's to get stuck or jammed, and they don't get scratched.

    Its just a thought.
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    i could get a stock radio with an aux in?

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