Help! Changed rear pads now both calipers seem to be sticking!

Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by robytar, Dec 10, 2011.

  1. robytar

    robytar New Member

    I just changed the rear brake pads on my 2002 Silverado. I put the new pads on and new hardware (sliders and clip in caliper) & greased them, put everything together and pushed the brake pedal to make sure is all okay and both calipers seem to refuse to release the pads as they should. I could barley turn the rear wheels. Anyways, I went to take it for a test drive and it feels like the parking brake is on (it’s not and it’s not dragging). Drove about 2 miles & when I returned home both rotors were so hot they could not be touched. After about 15 min. to let the rotors cool down I took everything apart again, this time I left the sliders off to see if it would help; put everything back together, again and then applied the brake & still I cannot turn the rear wheels. Why would both rear calipers not release the pads from the rotors, do the calipers need replaced w/ every rear pad change? BTW, I have been changing disc and drum brakes for 30+ years and this the first time I have ever had this issue. Please off any suggestions.

  2. dipstick

    dipstick Member 2 Years 100 Posts

    A lot of times pistons on calipers will get a ridge on them.. when you push piston past the ridge will get stuck.
    Have seen the rubber lines break down inside .. not let fluid go back to master cylinder.
    But this was older brake than yours. Might sand the pistons some . Could rebuild calipers .. but might be easier to put new on.
  3. johnb9173

    johnb9173 New Member

    Those are aluminum calipers and on those trucks i see them stick or leak all the time after doing the brakes. It just seems to be the rear on that design.
  4. robytar

    robytar New Member

    Not sure what you mean about letting old fluid into master cyl. How do you squeeze the calipers when new pads are put on? Anyways, I did replace both rear calipers and now I cannot seem to get the brakes bleed properly. The brake pedal goes down farther than before and feels a little squishy. I spent 15min. per wheel bleeding each caliper. At least the rear wheels are not dragging anymore.
  5. dipstick

    dipstick Member 2 Years 100 Posts

    You still have air in the lines... bleed all brakes starting at right rear.
  6. drillRR

    drillRR New Member

    Yea replacing the rear calipers is pretty much a nessesary procedure when doing rear brakes on 99-04 1500 silverados. The aluminum housing corrodes internally and when you press the piston back in it will stick almost everytime. Replacing the brake fluid yearly helps this problem but it does not guarantee it won't happen again next time you change pads. Your squishy brake pedal is either air in the lines or some cheap rebuilt calipers seem to have more slack in the slide pins than the stock calipers which allows the caliper to move a little more and cause a poor feeling pedal. Bleed them some more and if it doesn"t get better try using the new caliper on the old ( stock ) bracket if you still have it. Best of luck!

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