Help, cruise control fails to engage ?

Discussion in 'Chevy Blazer Forum (GMC Jimmy)' started by JTward1, May 19, 2016.

  1. JTward1

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    I have a 1988 K5 Blazer, and I've tried everything to get the cruise control to work, and with summer coming I'll need it, even my local shop has raised the white flag, the fuse is OK we've replaced the stalk and the modulator and servo. The and if we could find the speed sensor it too. It's suppose to be on the transfer case but it's not there ? I'm going to put a new accelerator cable in next month, ( Disable Vietnam Vet) Pension checks only go so far). So what am I / we overlooking ? Please enjoy the holiday !@

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  2. Pikey

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    take a look at the Brake switch on the brake pedal arm. Are all of your brake lights working properly (including the third brake light) ?
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  3. JTward1

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    That was second part I replaced. Checked the wires to see if the had a crack or break in them, but it made no effect ?
  4. JTWard

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    Is there a cruise control module ? and where is it ? Thank you !
  5. JTWard

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    Turned out the stalk was bad. Even though it was brand new, and that opens a whole new situation. As in does it matter where the replacement parts come from ? It appears so ! Getting a part from Mexico is more advantages that the same part from Taiwan or China, you can bet on it. This changes everything as we find or order a part, now we have to specify where it comes from. That and get ready to do the same job twice ? What a world we live in !

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