HELP DIAGNOSE My 95 K1500 Trans issue..Im about to send it on down the road

Discussion in 'GM Powertrain' started by ohiomossyoak, Feb 20, 2012.

  1. carmantx

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    No grief for me Jake. Hope the OP has a good result, but sounds like his has gone to limp mode. Could still be electronic. Since the OP mentioned the cruise control did not work at the same time, I suspect something with the brake switch. The brake switch also controls the lock up on the convertor. It the switch is indicating it is pressed, then the convertor won't lock up and the cruise control would not work. I don't think the trans goes in to overdrive until the convertor is locked up. The brake lights are operated by separate circuit. And, no codes because the switch thinks it is being depressed, not a malfunction.

    My .02.
  2. Josh

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    my 94 k1500 had the vss finally go bad on it yesterday. the symptoms i had weeks prior was strange shifting all of a sudden. revving up like its slipping. i went to go to doctors that morning all was normal. shut it down at gas station. took back off after leaving and romped on it. suddenly the truck read 40-50-55 then started moving left to right. tranny started shifting in and out of 2nd 3rd. finally it only wanted to read 30 maximum so i couldnt automatically shift into 3rd. if it did it would automatically kick back into second. eventually the speedo read zero. you know what that means. First gear all the way home. i could manually shift into second to. got the part for it. took it off with a one inch wide adjustable wrench. found metal shavings on mine, its a magnet like carmantx said. all was back to normal.

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    reason i said my symptoms is for the OP to see if there is any matching symptoms. Seafoam makes a Transmission cleaner now. its a pour it in. run it for however long and when you change the fluid all the varnishy gunk built up get put into the pan when needing to be changed. if carman had good luck cleaning all of his connectors. that would be my first step. go cheap first then spend money. my .02.

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    Did you use an automotive Electronics cleaner and re dielectric grease everything or? i may do this to mine just to make sure everything is top notch on my truck
  3. mattheww

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    I have a 95 C1500 with 124,000 doing the same thing with OD. No problems in any other gear. Im pretty sure my VSS is bad, but probably going to go ahead & Flush & replace filter as well. Let me know what u figure out & i will do the same
    I have a post up about it as well if u want to see if the symptoms match up.
  4. dipstick

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    Okay cruise also goes about speedo does it work good all times? If you have a tach does it work?
    Do you have a abs light on? Brake light on?
    Quiet a few things in in the system...tps..ecu/ecm..abs sensor switch...95 may have a drac..converts analog signal to digital..for ecm to read.vss
    Try this while driving pull upon brake pedal with your foot ..see if shifts better.
    Most times prob. will be in wiring harness.
  5. Josh

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    you may be having a faulty read on the vss. pull it out and see if its covered in gunk. the one i pulled out of my trans had gooey metal shavings attached to the magnet. my guess it couldnt no longer read. i had hard rampant shifting. in and out of gears violently. no shifting from first to second unless manually first to second and drive. when the speedo finally quit reading it only had first. changed it out and bam she drove like it never had a hiccup. its located on the transfer case also take the ecm connectors off clean them real good and reconnect. might have a stored code causin hell raisin in there.
  6. ohiomossyoak

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    Tac is good speedo good...Brake light is on but has been prior to any issue..I will try the things listed
    Thanks for the tips...I will give them a try
  7. The Heater

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    Hi, Ohiomossyoak:

    I know that not everyone on the forum is in a financial condition the same as maybe others are, and that any repair may be difficult to manage financially if it means taking the vehicle to a repair shop. I am blessed with a good job and a wife who also earns a lot of money, so we can just take our vehicles to a shop and get an opinion. I also have established relationships with several local shops so I trust them when they tell me I need something done, and not everyone has that type of thing "sitting in their back pocket". I have a client or two in the automotive industry, so of course I can just call them to ask questions.

    But when it comes to transmissions, unless you have prior experience with automatic transmission repair, at some point you have to admit personal defeat and ask for help from a professional who knows what they are doing, not just post a question on the web. It is not a bad thing to ask for someone to test drive your rig and tell you their opinion. It will save you a lot of time.

    Certainly, you can, as you say, "send it on down the road" by unloading the truck on someone else. But if the truck has otherwise been good to you, why not ask for one or two professional opinions on what is going on?

    The problem I see here is that you noticed the problem when it was not very acute, yet instead of doing the logical thing and taking it in to a repair shop at that time, you continued to drive it, which in most or all such cases will only exacerbate the problem, and when the pain becomes too inconvenient to go on, you now are facing a much bigger financial obstacle to getting it fixed. We all make choices, and we must live with the consequences of our choices.

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