Help finding headlight clip?

Discussion in 'Chevy Silverado Forum (GMC Sierra)' started by trapper_canada, Dec 22, 2009.

  1. The other night I was traveling at night when suddenly my left headlight jumped and was pointing essentially straight down.

    I stopped and took a look. I found that there is a white plastic clip thing (at the top) that holds the top of the headlamp in place. It was -50F and I think the combination of cold/bumps/etc may have caused it to fail.

    Anyways...what the heck is this piece called and how/where do I find a replacement?


    Thanks! (2000 Sierra)
  2. Salty273

    Salty273 New Member

    Best bet would be to take it right to GM and ask the parts guy. If he doesn't understand what your talking about take him out and show him (by the ear if need be). Cannot see even one from GM being over a couple bucks.
  3. fairyandtroll

    fairyandtroll New Member

    Headlight Adjustment screw and Clip

    Mine did the same I just went to Advance Auto and told the salesman what happened and he took me to the "Help" center aisle and handed me the screw and the plastic clip. Only costed $3.64!:great:

  4. I am gonna have to go to the local parts stores and try and find something as GM told me the clip is attached to the screw/mechanism and will cost me 50 bucks!

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