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    hey i had a stock 01 head unit with onstar and took the facorty cd player out got a kenwood and wiring harness and wired it all up and then started it up music doesn't turn on or my dash doesn't light up . the only time the dash and heater and a/c controls light up is when u turn all the lights on in the car by your left side by your light switch also remember i have the auto light turn on . and i have two plugs from factory and heard ones for onstar and heard that also controls other things this true and the other plug in is wired to the new cd player . please help im so confused
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    wrong wiring harness, because you have onstar i belive you need a different or an additional harness, they should have aasked you this when you bought the deck, go to (you can also chat with an operator, they are extremely helful!!!!)and input your info to the what fits my car section and it will give you the correct part numbers to look for.
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