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  1. bublitz3

    bublitz3 New Member

    I have a 1995 Suburban 5.7 with about 241,000 miles on it. Since I have bought this thing I have almost replaced everything on it to make it run. Fuel pump, fuel pump sending unit, fuel filter, alternator, battery battery cables, cap, rotor, EGR valve and a starter. Every time I come here I usually get my answer by reading the posts doing a search. This times different. I cannot find what I am looking for. Here is my problem now. The truck turns over but will not fire. I am getting spark, I also am getting fuel. I pulled the cap ( no moisture under the cap) to see if the rotor was turning or maybe lagging to see if it was a timing issue. Looks fine. The spark plugs look fine but ( split fires) I was think about replacing them with some E3s for better ignition and wires because it is the only thing I have not done. It is a little warmer up here at the moment so I am not sure if it has to do with the weather? The only thing I can think of is the TPI flooded the vehicle really bad and I need to pull all the plugs is that possible? A direction is what I am looking for if anyone could help that would be great thanks for your time.
  2. bigburb

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    Hmm... You say you're getting fuel, did you check to make sure the injectors are firing? I'm guessing you did, but I'm just throwin' it out there. I've also never heard of the TBI flooding an engine, since it's a form of fuel injection.

    Just out of curiosity, when did you replace those battery cables? When I replaced them on my old '90 Suburban, I forgot to hook up the little additional red wire that hooked up along with the main positive cable. I don't know how it does, but if not hooked up it keeps the motor from firing when cranking over. Once I figured out I had to hook it up, she fired right away!
  3. bublitz3

    bublitz3 New Member

    Yeah i did check the injectors. Before I replaced the fuel assembly they just dripped. Now they spray and a gas odor is very there. I was told if you run it out of gas you hatch the pump. I am not sure if that is true it was low on gas the other day and we added gas and it started up. Not the case now, there is more than a 1/2 tank there. It turns over and wants to fire but not enough to turn over. I checked the cable were I crimped it it seems good if your telling me the one that goes to the alternator needs to be connected its good. I was thinking of pulling all the plugs and blowing out the cylinders with air if they are flooded with gas and maybe even doing a compression check. Not sure if its worth all the effort if its something else. Like I said maybe its not getting enough spark? Maybe the plugs are junk? They seem alright. Thanks for the tip though. Still stuck.
  4. bigburb

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    Hmm... you said "it wants to fire but not enough to turn over"? Do you mean like it's not cranking fast enough? Or is it like attempting to fire but it won't? Or is it just turning over with no signs of firing up? I ran out of gas a time or two in my old suburban (which has basically the same powertrain as yours), and the pump still worked fine, even when I sold it at 170k miles.

    And how old are the plugs?
  5. bublitz3

    bublitz3 New Member

    It turns over great it just keeps turning over then a small sign of wanting to fire after it cranks for some time. I even have sprayed some either in it to see if it would burp or maybe just burn to the ground =). I got nothing. The cap does have some corrosion already but enough to make a spark. I did clean it up. The split fire spark plugs age is unknown because they were in the truck when I bought it. Hope that helps. Looking forward to your reply Bigburb! Thanks
  6. bublitz3

    bublitz3 New Member

    Well............. problem solved for now. I decided to go and buy new plugs and wires for it. AC Delcos all the way around. Bought an hour to hour and half job. Not bad and not hard to do, very easy to get at. All the old ones smelled like gas or had gas on them and the number 1 cylinder had alot of crud on the sparkplug and the wire had a nice gash in it that I had not previously seen. 240,000 miles you might get that. Took an airhose and blew out were the plugs were screwed into, just incase gas was sitting ontop of the cylinders. Replaced with new plugs and wires. Fired right up. Well either its two things; When I replace one thing in the ignition I should probably replace all of it to eliminate that problem. Or it will die next week and the wife will be driving my truck again =( and then I will not have a clue on what to do next. Hopefully its option 1. Thanks Bigburb for your input, greatly appreciated.
  7. abigfoot

    abigfoot New Member

    Those split fire plugs are the biggest hyped crap out there. Bought my truck with them and the guy was so proud they were one of his selling points. After I bought the truck it was the first thing I changed!:grrrrrr:
  8. justcuz

    justcuz Rockstar

    I bought A/C Delco plugs too...then I looked at them, said made in Japan on the threaded metal body. Guess what...they are NGK's! So shop price because the A/C Delco plugs are made by NGK.

    Also been have trouble with A/C Delco oil filters leaking lately, don't know who is making them but they all leak. :neutral: Think I'm going to switch to Purolator or Wix oil filters.

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