help! I have a squeak!!

Discussion in 'Lifted & Offroad Suspension' started by 01chivyz71, Jun 3, 2009.

  1. 01chivyz71

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    Ok, I just purchased an 01 Silverado Z71 stepside. first Chevy ive ever owned:gasp:. the truck has 90,xxx miles on it and is in MINT condition. just one problem....something is squeaking! its a chirping noise. coincides with speed. does it in neutral. starts and stops without warning. not brake pads. and i also noticed that if i kick it into 4hi...the sound stops immediately. its not real loud....but deffinately noticable inside the cab. my first instinct told me a bad wheel bearing. but whenever ive had one of those in the past, turning made the noise either increase or decrease. thats not the case here. but i will jack the truck up tomorow and check for any play in the wheel just to make sure. any other suggestions??

  2. zubbiez

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    Where to begin

    I would start by looking at your Idler and tensioner pulleys I have had the same symptons before and was able to fix it by replacing these pulleys they run about 20 bucks a pop might want to look at the a/c tensioner pulley to. these are smaller pulleys and at 90+ thousand miles I bet there good and worn. the hardest part of replaceing these pulleys is rerunning the serpatine belt . good luck.
  3. 01chivyz71

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    but wouldnt the pulleys make noise at idle? this sqeaking only happens when the truck is in motion.:erf:
  4. zubbiez

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    Oops sorry

    yeah thought I read something differnet there sorry.
  5. 2COR517

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    Rear driveshaft U-joints are suspect. When you go to 4-HI you take alot of the strain off them, which could be why the squeaking goes away.
  6. grimreapersshadow

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    defiantly check your belts and pulley system could be an intermittent sequel possible ac clutch could be locking up or it could be the water pump internally take a belt off and see if you can wiggle any of the pulleys up and down or side to side if they move alot then thats the problem more then 1/4 of an inch is bad

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