Help- its hot in texas!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by medikkev, Aug 18, 2010.

  1. medikkev

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    I have a 2004 chev silverado. The a/c stopped cooling. I checked the charge which reads ok- the dryer will not get cold- the line with the expansion valve is hot till you get to the valve,(the long one with the screen in it in the line) then after that point it turns cold. The dryer is hot though. My coil in front of the radiator has been bent bad somehow- I dont know how but it is- and the capilary tubes runniing crossways in it are smashed some- no leaks tho. My compressor is kicking in too. I replaced the dryer, recharged it- still the dryer is hot and the a/c barely cools. HELP! can it be the coil in front of the radiator doing this?
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    Did you flush the system when you replaced the parts?
  3. medikkev

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    I BLEW IT OUT WITH AIR AND ADDED A CAN OF OIL AND THEN FREON. Oops sorry for the caps. I don't know how or where or when the coil got bent but I am thinking it was a lucky shot from a 1 inch pipe about ten feet long that my stepson moved in our garage. When he moved it was about the time I started having trouble. I asked him if he did accidently hit it so I can finish this wild goose chase, but he has never told me a true answer in his life to start with, and said "oh no; I would have told you".... Bull! If I was driving; I would have FELT that hit- it bent the whole frame of it on the bottom as well as smashed a few rows of the cap tubes together. No leaks though- wierd! Now my compresser is making a nice clacking sound when the clutch is engaged, so I guess I have ruined THAT too somehow.
  4. MightyMax

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    I would prolly replace it.
    If it is bent and smashed, then it would be a good place to start with.
  5. medikkev

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    The saga continues

    OK......I replaced the noisy compressor AND the condenser; flushed all lines with naptha, blew em out w compressed air, and recharged with oil and freon. It gets cold then warm going down the road. Maybe a stuck/sticking blend door is what my brother said....where is this beast? This is getting really old. Thanks Y'all!!:grrrrrr:

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    Shot the vents with my bro's nifty laser handheld gun that reads temp- the coldest I got while driving was 60 and warmest was like 77. Sorry to keep on this yall but this is really a pain. It was 102 yesterday and my truck took forever to cool off inside working like this. I am going to be driving 65 mi one way to work for the next 2 weeks- im gonna BAKE!!!
  6. MightyMax

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    What are your pressure readings??
    Both hi and low sides.

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