HELP! Leaf spring removal!

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    OK. I am putting a 6" RC suspension lift on my 98 Z71. Currently I am at the "add a leaf" section of the procedure. I removed the whole leaf spring assymbly but now I have to UNCLAMP the springs and remove one to put the new on in. My ? is WHAT IS THE BEST WAY TO UNCLAMP THE CLAMP? Heat? Cut it and buy a new one? Please help.

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    I assume your talking about the spring pack retainers.
    The best way is to heat and bend.
    I've never seen these pieces for individual sale before, their always attached to the spring pack.
    I've seen a set once where the owner drilled out the rivets and moved the clamps out of the way then reinstalled them with nuts and bolts.
    What ever you do keep them, they do serve a purpose, especially with an AAL, the springs tend to wiggle around a little more after adding an AAL and the clamp keeps them where they should be.


    tbplus10 thanks so much for your advice. When I pulled the spring assymbly off I put it in a vice and just bent the clamps. I then installed the new leaf and hammered the clamps back in. The vice and work bech was a must. Overall it worked great. Thanks again!

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