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Discussion in 'Chevy C/K Truck Forum' started by Necred, Oct 4, 2011.

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    I bought a blazer 6.2, (only a few weeks ago) the PO added electric fuel pump...I havent cranked it in couple weeks, when i attempted to, of course the battery wouldnt turn it over, so i jumped it off, it was running, as i moved my tractor it quit. I havent been able to get it cranked again. Although i can hear the pump humming when ignition is on it acts like there is no fuel. I took off the fuel line turned ignition on no fuel comes out, gage registers almost qtr tank. I added 5gals diesel....Still no crank....could i need to bleed line or prime pump? if so how? is it one man job?
    thanx in advance..
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    Hello! This is my first post here but hopefully i can help... Getting fuel to the engine is a 1 man job. That is, if the problem is what i expect it to be and assuming i understand your problem.

    I have an '83 6.2 and have had to mess with fuel issues MANY times! I know you said you added fuel, but the diesels do not like going down below a quarter of a tank - So if you got air in your system before filling back up, then you will have a lot of cranking ahead of you. I have had my truck actually stall out on me before when getting down to a quarter tank and it takes more than just cranking to get fuel up to the engine (well, without killing your batteries). The diesel moves slow through the fuel lines. So, what you have to do is grab a 3/4" wrench, and crack all the injector lines open at the head. You will see where the line goes into the injector is a 3/4" nut, and you just have to crack that about a quarter to a half a turn and then crank until you see fuel coming out. Once you see the fuel coming out of the injector lines, you can go ahead and tighten them up again and the truck should start right up. Also, a few times i have had to use starting fluid for a little kick start. These engines say do NOT use starting fluid but that is because of the glow plugs. You will see the glow plug controller hooked up to the back of the engine on the drivers side - right behind the intake/air cleaner. Assuming it is the same as mine, you just need to squeeze the cap, pop it off, and then you can give it a squirt of starting fluid to get it running (because the glow plugs will not cycle). Then you can just hook the controller back up after it starts. You will probably not need to use starting fluid, however. Also, i would check to make sure you are not getting water in the fuel. I had a bad problem with getting water in my fuel because of a bad seal on my fuel tanks. The CUCV's have a different fuel/water separater than mine but there were many times i pulled my filters and emptied them to find nothing but water in them! This lead to a cracked head and many times my engine would stall in the middle of winter due to frozen filters but thats a whole other story! haha.

    I would try to crack those fuel lines first and see if you get any fuel out. But don't get discouraged, because isometimes it takes a lot of cranking! Although if your engine is not even turning over, then this would not be the solution, of course.

    Good Luck!

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