*HELP* My 2010 Silverado billows white smoke when 1st started.

Discussion in 'GM Powertrain' started by 2010-Black-Silverado, Dec 2, 2013.

  1. Has anyone else had this problem or can you offer any idea as to what's wrong. I have a 2010 Silverado Z71 with 81k miles. This past Thursday, Thanksgiving, I started my truck and noticed a ton of white smoke coming from the exhaust. This only lasted about 3-4 seconds that it was clear. I got out and thought that the smoke smelled like oil. Anyway, this continued thru the weekend and after the holiday I was driving back home to Dallas and exited the highway for a snack. My "LOW OIL PRESSURE" light came. I had to add 4 quarts of oil to reach the full line. What's going on and what do I need to do? Thanks in advance for your help. Danny
  2. Conlan Rose

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    It seems you have an oil leak or oil blowing past the rings. If you still have a warranty on this truck I would very quickly get it to a dealer so they will cover part of the repair costs. The AFM trucks tend to have a issue burning oil and such that no one has fully figured out.
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    White smoke is steam, blue is oil.
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    Are you sure the smoke was WHITE, and not light BLUE? If the smoke was white, you are probably also losing coolant into the combustion chambers. However, coolant has a very acrid nasty smell that can mask the smell of burning oil. In either case, I'd suspect a head gasket since the smoke is coming from the exhaust.

    You said the smoke is more evident at start-up and clears in a few minutes. This could indicate that you may have some worn valve guides that are allowing oil to seep into the combustion chambers when they cool off. Still, a hairline crack in a gasket or bad head bolt torque can do this too, and then seal up when hot.

    The color white still makes me want to say head gasket coolant leak.

    LOW OIL can cause overheating. Oil in the combustion chambers can blow head gaskets. THEN you start losing coolant too.
  5. Pikey

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    I know that some guys with AFM have reported this. The fix involves installing updated valve covers with some baffles inside.
  6. Dana W

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    I may have heard that. Oil pools on top of the heads and seeps into the chambers.
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    Time for the new motor fix! Bring it to the dealer. Do the oil consumption tests they require. Let them do the "fixes" check your oil 2k miles after the fix. It will probably be low(every one that I knew the "fix" never worked) bring it back. Let them do another consumption test. Badabing new motor!

    On a serious note, bring the truck in asap. So you can begin the test soon so you don't miss your warranty cut off. Let them do all that is stated above. Every day check your oil level for the first week or 350 miles. If it is low DO NOT TOUCH IT. Continue running the truck but keep an eye on the level but never add oil to it. If there is none on the dip stick before the 2k or 3k mile test call your dealer and tell them you don't feel safe going off in your vehicle. My dealer is an awesome guy and I got a rental to use on a few business trips and he drove mine for me. In the end I ended up with a brand new engine under warranty but i was past 36k a few miles!!

    But it is hard to get a dealer to believe you on your oil level. Most think that people drain oil if they constantly call. Our "other" dealer does that on every warranty job...idiots..
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    There are a few TSB's on this Just bring it back to the dealer and tell them you did not spend $40K Plus for a truck to do this so early...:grrrrrr:
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  10. Dana W

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    Hmmmm, that could be it. It usually only happens in cold weather. Well, it happens every time you start it up but you usually can't see it. When the air is already saturated with hunidity, and/or it's cold, it is visible.

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