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Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by cedicol, Jun 6, 2012.

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    So i drive a GMC suburban from 1996. Two days ago the truck strated like it should. Yesterday the engine was turning over but he diddent want to fire up. I have gas on the engine but i noticed when i pulled out a spark plug that i have a weak egnition. So i tried with the help of a friend to change the coil and ICM. I just took the coil and ICM of my friends truck and putted it in to mine to see if the problem whas fixt with this or not. Well it is not. I have a scantool and it gives me the codes P0420 and P0430. That is catalyst system efficiency below thershold (bank 1 and bank 2). I have a leak on the exhaust on bank one and i only have one cat so i think that would be the triger for those codes. But can this be the reason the engine dont start? Can sombody help me to a direction what to do now???? HELP
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    Look for 55 to 60 PSI from the fuel pump to be sure it is sufficient. Try putting some fuel or starter fluid in the intake and see if it starts for a few seconds. If it does, then start looking for a fuel delivery problem.

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