Help -- New Wheels/Tires 295/70/17 -- TPMS valves, Rubbing, etc

Discussion in 'Wheels & Tires' started by mjs84, Feb 24, 2011.

  1. mjs84

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    So they finally arrived... 17" ATX Thugs with 295/70/17 Nitto Terras. Love the look.

    After installing, the tire pressure monitoring system is out of whack. First message was to check the pressure, now it's reading "service tire pressure monitoring system". So I take the truck over to the dealer to find out what's up, assuming they just need to hook up the Tech 2 and reprogram for a larger tire size.

    Ends up not being the case. The valves in the tires don't have the TPMS sensors in them (which are $68/ea) so the dealer is unable to get rid of the indicator light since it's failing to read since the sensors aren't there. Frustrating ... a $500 fix incl. parts and labor if I want to get a light to turn off. I do have my OEM tires which have the TPMS sensors in the valves that I could use... but I would still have the labor issue. Has anyone put their stock valve stems into new tires before? How difficult is it to do?

    Second thing... I trimmed out some of the plastic from the wheel well which has stopped all rubbing except for when I have the wheels fully cranked into a turn. Unfortunately, the tire is rubbing in a spot (bottom back of wheel well) where there is plastic and metal from the fender of the body. Has anyone cut into the metal on their truck before to accomodate larger wheels? If so, how did you do it? I'd imagine you want to round it out post-cuts to make sure that there aren't any sharp edges.

    Thanks all ... MJ
  2. ..chevy4life..

    ..chevy4life.. Rockstar

    for the tpms i have the same problem but the light went off after about a week so i just left it alone. and for the rubbing mine rubbed in the same spot so i beat it with a hammer and that bent it back and it also moved the hole in the metal which the little push clip things go into up so i drilled a new hole in the plastic and put the clip back in and it pulled the plastic fender away from the tire and fixed the problem.
  3. mjs84

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    how quick i am to want to destroy something. a hammer! what a great idea. thanks man i'm going to try this out.
  4. stephan

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    It's not that big a job to swap your TPMS stems. You only have to break down one side of each tire to get them out & put them in. You could do it in an afternoon & save the $500. you were quoted. If you don't accidently knock any weights off the wheels, then rebalancing wont be an issue since you wont be repositioning the tires on the wheels.

    X2 on Chevys suggestion of the hammer. Done correctly & gently, it makes nice round surfaces instead of sharp cuts & edges that you would get from grinders & saws that might cut your tires.
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  5. ..chevy4life..

    ..chevy4life.. Rockstar

    ya i only hammered the inside corner of the metal cuz thats where it was rubbing. cant even tell i did anything unless you pull the plastic away.
  6. mjs84

    mjs84 Rockstar

    Great thanks guys much appreciated. Going to get it done tomorrow. I'll report how it goes.

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