Help on Silverado Double DIN Stereo Install

Discussion in 'Audio, Video & Gadget Tech' started by wmkess, Nov 9, 2012.

  1. wmkess

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    I may look into that if it is similarly priced. If I still have problems, I'll at least know its local to the truck.
  2. pmf608

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    Does the PS-2C-BOSE have a factory-sounding chime? And does it come through the system or from a little speaker inside of it? I like my GMOS-04 because the chimes sound similar to the factory ones. Also, One issue I have with the OS-2C-BOSE is that it says it can only use front inputs from an aftermarket radio to send to the Bose amp, which means there is no fader ability, and I know for a fact that the Bose amp has front and rear inputs and my GMOS uses both front and rear. End result is I can use the fader. Do you have any input on that?
  3. wmkess

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    I looked it up too after he mentioned it and pulled up the installation manual too. From what I understood, you only lose the fading capabilities if you have the premium Bose System with the 5 EQ settings. And I don't think any Silverados have that system.

    I can't remember what the chime was output through though.
  4. wmkess

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    So I ordered and installed the OS-2C-BOSE interface from PAC Audio and it fixed the feedback/static noises I was getting which is great.

    I now have some follow-up questions for anyone who has this same interface installed. Is the chime volume adjustable or does it just need to be muffled somehow if I want it quieter?

    Is the "amp gain" adjustable? That metra interface was able to adjust the amp output so that I was able to adjust it so I could set it to a level where I could use my whole spectrum of volume range on my headunit which I liked. With this interface, it's like the amp is at full blast so I can really only turn the unit up to about 60-65% volume level before it is unbearable and loses quality.

    My last question, is what did others do to get the auto dimmer function to work? Is it as simple as cutting the orange wire and splicing it into a 12V HVAC wire that is controlled by the parking lights? I wasn't sure because those are also controlled by the cargo light dimmer switch so I thought that might be a bad idea since the power to those lights isn't constant.

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