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    Okay, so I'm leaving the house in about 30 minutes from the time I post this. If anyone remembers my post about the back firing TBI 350, well I still got the problem. Was popping on me on my way home the other day and I got pissed and dogged on it. When I did, it popped the transfer case into (N) while going down the road. I just pushed the clutch in and yanked it back into 2Wheel. When it went into gear....made the the EXACT same sound as it does when it "backfires" I've noticed it never pops when ideling, only when driving in a high range, or when I release both the clutch and gas pedal at the same time, any time I pop it into third and drop the clutch. Basicly any time the transmission isn't under stress from the motor. When I got the truck the all the bolts on the transfer case were backed out about half an inch and the two by the front drive shaft were gone. The thread of the TC on those bolts were wallered out. I left them and the front shaft off. *the guy said it needed a new clutch because the pedal was jumping, it was actually jumping because the transfer case wouldn't stop jumping around because of the front shaft free spinning* When I roll up to a stop sign or anything I can hear something from the transfer case, sounds like change rolling in a dryer. When it's towed, it makes the same sound and every now and then you can hear something hitting, like two gears catching on each other. Now, I have a brand new transfer case that came with the truck. Just been to broke to put it on. HOW MANY QUARTS OF FLUID DOES IT HOLD?! Both the tranny and transfer case. 5 Speed, Not sure if it's a New venture or what. I know it's different than my father in laws 98. We have visually the same truck down the the body style and color. Only his is vortec and has a different looking 5 speed.

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    Never mind, already got it all finished.

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