HELP! Rear fuel lines for an 89 TBI...nobody makes 'em

Discussion in 'Chevy Suburban Forum (GMC Yukon XL)' started by Big6ft6, Feb 26, 2008.

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    My fuel lines have rusted out over my rear axle on my 89 3/4 ton burban. NOBODY MAKES REPLACEMENTS!!

    For all the pickups you can buy replacements listed uner "fuel lines assembly". They are pre-bent and have the braided hoses on the end that snap onto the sending unit, you can buy them from the fuel filter back. But NO ONE makes them for the center fuel tank burban!

    Somebody else in america has had to have these lines over the rear axle rust out, there has to be a solution....what should I do I'm going crazy!!

    I'd be willing to fabricate new lines...but how am I going to duplicate the "quick connect" end at the sending unit with the bradied hoses??
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  3. Big6ft6

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    Hey Pete, thanks for the effort, unfortunately those are all carb lines and my truck is TBI. The TBI lines have threaded fittings becuase they're pressurized and they have braided hose ends on the part that connects to the sending unit. The braided hoses have quick-connect fitting to snap on to the sending unit. I'll try and attach a pic.

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  4. Big6ft6

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    After further investigation it appears from photos that the sending unit has threaded NPT fittings...NOT quick disconnect as I fabricating a new fuel line using -AN fittings, some aluminum fuel lines, and a flare tool is an option that I could pursue when i get some time, assuming I get the fittings off the old sending unit.

    I would still rather buy the fuel lines OEM...but it still appears that is not an option. Of course, I could call and see if thedealership can get them but that is usually big $$$$$!
  5. Pete95Sierra

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    yea dealerships are always big money, but hope you find them!!

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