HELP! Some thing is causing a drag on a 2003 Tahoe Z71?

Discussion in 'GM Powertrain' started by BillM, Dec 5, 2012.

  1. BillM

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    Some thing just started when I tested the new rear sway bar on the 2003 Tahoe Z71 5.3 to cause a drag on the movement of the truck? The front suspension seems to be different, and makes funny noises. (The tires seem to be scrubbing when going around tight corners.) The front tires seem to have negative camber when I back up. And, the outside front tire seems to be extreme in positive camber when turning. I never observed this before, but I never had this problem before. It is like it is in 4WD.
    I jacked it up and there is nothing loose or seems broken. And, it is not in 4WD! I can spin by hand the front drive shaft, and each front wheel easily. It is not a locked brake? It still hits 100 mph in 4.5 seconds.I checked the tire inflation first thing. I have not hit anything with the suspension. I am working on a rear drive shaft vibration problem, and the drive shaft was replaced. I have to still test it at sustained high speeds above 100, but want to take care of this drag problem first.
    Assuming the last modification caused the problem, can the rear sway bar cause this?? Any Ideas??

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    I forgot to mention that I have a front end alignment scheduled for next week.
  2. RayVoy

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    If nothing is broken, I would say, from your description, you are out of alignment.
  3. BillM

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    It appears to be a problem with the 4WD system?? I have additional info.
    I have a New Process Gear 246 GM transfer case. The Shift motor seems to engage and shift properly, but from what I have found is that the transfer case is always engaging the front drive shaft?
    The problem may be with the front drive axle shift motor, or the transfer case control module, under the dash, telling the front drive to always engage. How can you determine which is at fault?

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