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Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by Bill Beauregard, Jun 28, 2013.

  1. Bill Beauregard

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    The truck is an orphan. I can't buy tires, motor mounts, I don't have any broken springs but the truck lists.
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    Welcome to the club Bill, it's great to have you aboard. What? :glasses:
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    Hi Bill, Welcome to the Club!

    Please clarify what your thread is asking or letting us know so we can help you. I will also then move your thread to the correct section of our Forum once I understand your topic so that it gets the most attention/responses.

    Thanks Bill !
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    If you post your issues over in tech, someone should be able to help you out. Welcome to the site!
  5. Bill Beauregard

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    C65 help!

    Hi All,
    7 years ago I bought a cream puff 1976 c65 27500 lbs 366 5x2 speed 6. ....0. ratio with a rack dump and 45000 miles. Nicely painted by professionals it looked good. Driving it 400 miles home we learned it wasn't as fresh as I had been led to believe. No problem, price was O.K. I could spend some money and still do O.K. After a new bed we fabricated, it was put into service. We have a multi use application. It, with a few interruptions, was a serviceable truck. The 366 proved to be the weak link. When it ran well, it was O.K. Often it didn't. It couldn't be timed. Amateurs and experts tried and failed. Timing settings would change all over the place. The best mechanic I tried said "I don't know why, I set the timing, it changes. We can fix the timing chain etc. there is a good chance the rest of the engine is tired. You probably need to look for an engine. I bought a 454 low mileage engine from a friend I could trust, only to find it would require extraordinary changes to make it fit. I ultimately found someone with engine knowledge. I tore down the 366,to find very little wear. Finding little wrong with the timing, I studied the distributor,and found nothing. A friend looking it over said "it shouldn't move here". A little molded indexing pin was broken. By this time we had a 427 truck (tall block) bored, too late to turn back. It's a great engine.
    Tires haven't been as easy. The local fire department was getting rid of a tired truck, it had traction tires with maybe 1000 miles. They are now on my truck. They have since cracked quite badly. If someone makes 10.00-20 load range winter tires in load range G I haven't found them. I'm told 11.00x22.5 will fit with new wheels. The prices are staggering!
    Rubber motor mounts and radiator mounts are unavailable I believe.
    Even cab parts like window weatherstripping and heater controls common with pickups are unavailable unless I find a pickup they also fit and lie about application some of the suppliers insist on VIN number from a pickup before they sell a part.
    Does anyone have a solution for parts or manuals?
  6. mfleetwood

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