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Discussion in 'Performance & Fuel' started by FireRed, Apr 5, 2009.

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    Hi drove my sub out to my buddies yesterday to got over to CT for an over nighter, jumped in this afternoon it spins over like crazy does a very brief start and die sequence. As soon as I turn the key it does the same thing over and over, I checked all the fuses that I think are related. I do hear the fuel pump do it initial pressure up which allows it to try to start but N/G! Any and all ideas very much appreciated as it is sitting in my buddies driveway!

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    Sounds like two things if you hear the fuel pump firing then i would check the fuel filter might be clogged. If that turns out good id start checking for firing issues plugs wires coils or distributer cap. Hope that helps but i would def start with the fuel filter if you have never changed and dont know when it was last serviced no gas no crank. :glasses:
  3. FireRed

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    Thanks for your input, checked a bunch of stuff then asked my local mechanic, he said it was a security system issue. He was spot on, I went out and did the few things he said to do and it started fine and all is back to normal. He said I would be surprised how many shops would have put a fuel pump in or various other things to fix a non existing problem, sure is nice having an honest mechanic!!!

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