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Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by CJM, Apr 25, 2010.

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    I recently purchase a GMC Uplander Van. It came withh 65000KM on it. From time to time we are getting a strange noise when turning a corner or putting the brakes on lightly, although the problem occurs most of the time when turning corners.. When the noise does happen it is extremley loud and can be felt. It can be stopped by pressing the brakes really hard and releasing. From what I can tell the sound seems to be originating from the back of the van. (The van is front wheel drive). It can also be felt through the brake pedal when it is occurnig. The van has been checked by the dealership and of course it would not make the sound for them. They checked brakes and rear wheels and could find nothing. I thought maybe it was a dust cover that came loose but they checked for that to.
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    When you are turning corners in a front wheel drive, 4wd or AWD vehicle that has CV axles, its your axles that are going, whether its the bearing or the CV joint itself but you are gonna need new axles down the road.
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    even if it is felt from the back, as there are bearings in the rear as well, also do you feel a vibration in the pedal, when braking that coinsides with the noise being heard as it might even be a drum out of round.

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