HelP...Transfer case and front/ rear differential fluids

Discussion in 'GM Diesel & DuraMax' started by 06 DuRaMaX, Oct 17, 2012.

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    HelP...Transfer case and front and rear differential fluids
    [HR][/HR]does anyone know......what are the recommended fluids for the transfer case and front/rear differentials in a .........06 chevy silverado 2500 4x4 6.6l lbz duramax diesel 1000 allison tranny 6 speed crew cab? Also how much fluid will i need and how often should it be serviced...thanx.... newbie with diesels...
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    if you have an owners manual it should tell you what fluids go where. Different axle options require different fluids. My 03 owners manual with a G80 locker said regular 75W-90 with a friction modifier. I believe that GM changes their minds over the years. My 05 with a G80 says 75w-90 synthetic, no modifier. I would assume that the t0case uses the GM Auto-traK II fluid. But, again check your manual to verify.
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    the best answer wuld be to call the dealership and with your VIN they will best tell you what fluids are required.

    my 2000 silverado 5.3L 4X4 uses 80-90wt gl5 in the front diff. the rear diff 3.73 G80 uses 75-90wt synthetic. this is a locking diff therfore you DO NOT ADD ANY FRICTION MODIFIER.also the tag on the diff does or should be there to tell you what to use. to replace this fluid you MUST remove the diff cover because you MUST clean out the debris and magnet in the box.

    your transmission is different so you may use a different type fluid. I use mobil synthetic transmission fluid. the new dexronVI may be what you should or must use .

    the transfercase I use GM trac II fluid it is a blue color.

    the capacities required with your vehicle will be slightly more that I require. once again the dealership is best at recommending this required.

    I replace these fluid at about 40,ooomi now since I do not do much heavy loading lately. so far no failures of the drive train 140,ooomi.

    replacing these fluids is the smart way to go. good luck.
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    I agree, If you don't have an owners manual (should be on pg 6-12) call the dealer.

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