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Discussion in 'Chevy Silverado Forum (GMC Sierra)' started by red.guitar, Dec 21, 2013.

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    This is my first post, and I'm hoping someone here might be able to give me some help!

    So it started about a week ago, I get ready to leave for work when I start-up my truck (06 Silverado 1500), and a warning comes up saying something about restricted power use, and the my truck goes into limp mode. So I turn the truck back off, wait 15 sec turn it back on, and the light it gone and the truck is running fine. So off to work I go. On the way, the service brake system warning comes on. The truck was driving fine and I was almost to work, so I just went on and figured I'd deal with it after work. I go out and hop in my truck to head home for the day, and there's no lights, and it's running fine.

    About 100km or so later (a few days) and I again start up to leave for work, but this time my check engine light is on! The truck seems to be running fine, so I continue on. Now this is where it gets weird. The check engine light will come on for any where between 20-250km then go off for the same range of time, then come back on again randomly. It's done this 4 or 5 times in the last 1000km (since I had the initial issue with the truck). And randomly the service brake system light will come one but if I shut the truck off for 15 sec, it goes away?? The break check light has come on about 3 times during this period.

    I'm not really sure what the issue is here. I'm sort of blaming the issue with going into limp mode on the cold weather that night. We had a wind chill of something like -46C that night. My truck was plugged in.

    I had both front wheel bearing replaced in late Oct passed. I'm not sure if a faulty sensor mixed with the harsh cold might be to blame for the break system check warnings? That warning seems to only happen a really cold mornings.

    My only guess for the check engine light to be coming on and off like it is would maybe me a faulty O2 sensor.

    Does anyone have any insight as to what might be going on with my truck? I'm no mechanic, but does anyone have some suggest of some things I may be cable of checking myself?

    And of course, this all started the day after I picked up my new Audi A4. Who knows, maybe big red is just jealous [​IMG]

    Any help at all would be greatly appreciated!!
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    I would have the Truck's Computer Scan to see What Trouble Codes are coming-up.....if you don't have a DTC Reader/Scanner, your Local Auto Parts Outlets, Auto Zone, O'Reilly's etc....will do this for you at No Charge.....until we know what the Trouble Code and/or Codes that are Causing the CEL To Come-On and the Other Issues you've mentioned, we are just going to be Guessing as what the Issue/Problem is with your Truck.

    Edit....If the Check Engine Light is,
    Flashing it means -- A Misfire Condition has been Detected. A Misfire Increases Vehicle Emissions and May Damage the Emission Control System on your Vehicle.

    On Steady it means -- An Emission Control System Malfunction has been Detected on your Vehicle
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    Like Mike posted without codes its all a guess.
    The problems could be related or separate, incorrect guesses will only cost more money and time.

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