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    Below is a link for the 2004" Silverado SS.....which came with 20in" Rims and a tire size of......275/55's......

    Link for 2004" SS
  2. original68

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    thanks mike you are a wiz on the net. can you find the info i need on the net options for a 2005 yukon xl. that include the 20.s on the tires. thanks again for the info

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    found link scroll down to tires i think this confirms but just need official from gmc to show them
  3. original68

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    contacted GMC they said 275/55/20 were and option from the dealer and would have been correct on my vehicle as a dealer accessory. They also said 275/55/20 are not oversized for the car and does not void GMC factory warranty. I will see what happens with the warranty company
  4. marko54

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    I would love to know how they came to the conclusion that non-OEM tires affected your Sunroof????
  5. original68

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    the warranty company wanted an out and cancelled the entire remaining warranty based on the modified veheicle/oversized tire exclusion. the exclusion states the vehicle can not have any non factory reccommended tire and if there is a non factory recommended tire the variance can not be greater than 4 percent. the 20s have a 4.26 percent variance over the factory 16s. but the dealer installed 20s and GMC recognized this tire as a dealer accessory and it does not void the factory warranty nor is it viewed as an oversized tire pre GMC.
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    I had a dealer put a "blanket" on my warranty on my 95' silverado. I took it in because the drivers seat frame broke with 15,000 miles on it. I reached back to open the sliding window and Bang, I had a rocking chair. I weighed about 110lbs soaking wet at the time. I had a 3" body lift at the time. Nothing else. They said that the body lift caused the seat frame to break. The dealer blocked my manufactures warranty and my extended warranty. They would no longer do any warranty work on it. So, my dad works at the GM tech center, he caught the VP of trucks walking down the hallway one day, told him what was up, next thing I know I have full coverage until 100,000 miles and the extended warranty company sent me a refund 10 years later.
  7. original68

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    I could use a friend at GMC about right now. I want this warranty company to think long and hard next time they want to cancell? deny a claim based on unrelated oversized tires
  8. original68

    original68 New Member

    great news

    i sent a letter to the warranty company with the following info.

    #1 the gmc 1500xl came with an optional tire 17 inch and also a dealer option 22 tire. they accepted the claim and reinstated my warranty. actually, they said my warranty was never canceled and they would reimburse me for the out of pocket repair and accept the sunroof claim. i am very thankful. i was kinda looking forward to a day in court to resolve this matter.

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