Help with adding Remote start to vehicle that is "PREP READY?"

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    Im new to owning a GM product and trying to understand how I can get Remote start on a '09 Suburban LT. Im told it is ready but needs the module? I got a part number 17802071? which appears to be the handheld remote for remote start does that part include module to tie into vehicle computer for dealer to setup? So I got a few remotes via Ebay that have the start circle on them and I thought just getting setup with vehicle it would work. SO what exactly do I need to do? Any good knowledgable people out there who can give me a more step by step detail? Thanks for any info.

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    To add the....Factory Remote Start.......If you do have RPO Code "AP8"....then you have the Remote Starter Prep-Package.

    You then buy from the G.M. Accessory or Local Dealer.......the Factory remote starter system, The kit includes two Remote Fobs and an unlock Security Code that the Dealer needs when they call G.M.......This system MUST be programmed by your Local G.M./Chevy Dealer.....Once the programing is would have the Factory Remote Key-less Entry and Factory Remote Start.

    The Factory Remote Start Fob,
    Remote Start
    Upgrade your factory remote key-less entry to a standard Remote Start system, or choose the advanced technology of the 2-Way Advanced Remote Start featuring extended range and enhanced functionality. Both are seamlessly integrated with your Silverado's anti-theft and remote key-less entry systems.

    Factory Remote Start - For Use on Vehicles with Extended Range Remote Lock Control (AP8), Includes 2 Fobs
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