Help with Brake light issue on 97 Chev truck.

Discussion in 'GM Electrical Tech' started by fd8215, Nov 2, 2012.

  1. fd8215

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    I have a 97 Chev K1500, The original problem I had was I had no brakelights, but I had tail lights and turn signals and fourways, We figured out that the Brake light swith on the brake pedal had shorted out along with the wiring harnes being completly melted (lucky truck didn't catch fire!! LOL), so I changed the switch and the harness, all that being done, I now have brake lights on the left side and third brake light, but not on the right side, on the right side i do have tail light, fourways and right signal, just no brake light!! SO does anyone have an idea of what the problem could be. I'm at a loss, the turn, fourways and brake should be all on the same green wire at the rear, so why don't I have a brake light, when I have everything else???

    Help please!!!


  2. dpeter

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    I have the amber turn signals on my truck so the wiring diagram doesn't help BUT I think I remember on an older car that part of the circuit that came into play was the turn signal switch itself. Maybe it has become damaged from the short circuit? Hopefully someone with experience with this will come to your aid. Happy hunting.
    I should ask... you have the combination tail / stop and turn signal in one bulb or is it a seperate turn signal?
  3. fd8215

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    Not sure, I think the Tail light is a seperate bulb than the turn and brake. Hopefully it isn't the turn signal switch, i've replaced that once already before, their not cheap.
  4. vncj96

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    On the older C/Ks such as yours the circuit boards are notorious for shorting out (the panel the actual bulb is in) these are a cheap fix 20 bucks for a new one. Easiest way to tell is to pull the bulbs from the sockets and inspect them for some slight scorching marks.
  5. fd8215

    fd8215 Member

    I was able to get the brakelights to work again, I pulled out the brake relay in the fuse box under the hood and put it back in, and they are working again.
  6. dpeter

    dpeter Epic Member 5+ Years 500 Posts

    Good to hear! I did not know there was a brake relay.
  7. fd8215

    fd8215 Member

    Well its acting up again..

    The brake lights work fine when the lights are off on the truck, but as soon as I turn on the headlight and touch the brakes, the brake lights lock on and stay on, I changed the brake light relay under the hood with no result, so where do I go now?? At this point I have replaced everything, brake light switch and wiring harness, the turn signal and cruise control switch on the colum and the relay, wtf, whats left now, anyone have any ideas.
  8. dpeter

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    Time to get to the basics. Recheck that wiring harness that was changed or damaged by the short, make sure there are no unintentional ground or shorts to other wires. Get a diagram and volt ohm meter and start with the brake relay. Does the headlight and aplication of the brakes cause the relay to activate or is there some other path causing the brake lights to stay on? Oh, and you can't beat this dead horse enough - check your ground connections.
  9. RayVoy

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    did you see post #4?

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