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Discussion in 'Chevy Suburban Forum (GMC Yukon XL)' started by gfam, May 24, 2009.

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    Just spent the weekend replacing front wheel bearings, rotors and pads on a 90 suburban. After three trips to the auto parts store b/c we needed other parts of course. The pins on the locking nuts were eitehr sheared off or almost worn off so I needed new spindle nuts. It went pretty well for a newbie like me. After finding directions and muddling my way through it. My question is the lug bolts though. Do they have to be pressed back on the rotor by a shop or does cranking them down hard as I can when I put the tire back on do the trick? I'm worried I don't have them pressed all the way back in. I tightened them on best I could with them off the ground and the brake pedal depressed then dropped it down and cranked on them some more. They just don't seem to be sticking out as far as before. Any tips would be appreciated greatly.
  2. gfam

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    what i use is a wheel stud installer basically a bearing with a cup on one side for the lug nut but i have also used stacked washers before i bought the tool i use cutting and tapping oil for the lube a little thicker than spray lube i think the tool cost like 12 bucks at a local auto store
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    I tried three auto parts store today. No one carried this tool or even heard of it. :( For some reason the studs went back into one tire just fine with washers and a lug nut. The other tire not so much. The studs will not pull in. I went through 4 lug nuts and I'm pretty sure I ruined at least one stud. Darn. I admit defeat.

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