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    I recently rear ended another truck and have dented my chrome bumper on my 06 silvy crew cab. I know the right way to repair is to buy a new bumper, as trying to mold chrome back to original shape will only result in cracking and flaking of the chrome. I have hit a dilemma as I have found the bumper under two different names and two different prices and product numbers. links for both below

    The first (left side) is the one need and it looks exactly the same. Referred to as the replacement bumper

    The second (right side) however is a different angle and looks to be flipped upside down. this one is referred to as the "bumper face bar"

    does anyone know a difference between the two? because if the both are the same then id like to save the extra $50.

    Again, i rear ended another truck and have dented and warped the chrome bumper out of shape and i do not want to go the bad route, but i also want to make sure i receive the correct bumper.
    OR if anyone has a bumper in good shape willing to sell Id greatly appreciate it as well.

    My bumper cap and bottom (tow hook, foglight) valance are both fine and werent damaged in the minor fender bender.

    Thank you guys, you always do a wonderful job with advice!

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