help with installing after market stereo on my 2005 silverado

Discussion in 'Audio, Video & Gadget Tech' started by ricklopez92, Feb 15, 2012.

  1. ricklopez92

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    ok so i have a base model 2005 silverado ( so no power anything, no onstar, no steering wheel controls) just got a avh-p2300 double din stereo and i wanted to install it myself i went to best buy to buy a wiring harness and the guy told me that my truck has complicated wiring so it will be hard to do the install myself. is this true or is he just trying to get me pay them to install it. is there tricks or tips any of you might have on how to install the stereo on my particular truck any suggestions are really appreciated
  2. AMac

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    I owned a 2005 Silverado that is very similar to the model you are describing; only difference was the paint color and it was a stepside. I installed an Alpine cd player and don't recall there being any tricks to the wiring, but then again that was 7 years ago . I do remember having to buy the wiring harness though because the vehicle's chimes flow through the radio.

    I found a video on you tube that is based on a Pioneer DEH-P5200HD install in a 2006 Silverado. The man in the video does mention that he soldered the wiring harness kit to the wires on the aftermarket radio to ensure he had a good connection. I recommend watching the install videos to determine if it's something you want to get into or just have someone else do.

    Here is part 1 of the install

    Here is part 2 of the install
  3. ricklopez92

    ricklopez92 New Member

    thank you, this video helped i just need to look for something that show what wire connect to where because my wires dont all match up according to color but this video did help with installing the actual head unit into the dash so thank you
  4. AMac

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    I would do some digging to find out why the wires aren't matching up to the colors. It could be that the mfg. of the wiring harness used a different color scheme?
  5. sstoner911

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    Thats laughable..stay away from Best Buy....your wiring may differ perhaps to options the truck in the video has that yours doesnt. As long as you have the right harness you will be fine.

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