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    this past weekend i bought a 2005 1 ton silverado diesel. i also have a 2004 1500 silverado, so the silverados are not really new to me. however, the question that i have is that the interior lights (entry lights) do not come on when the door is open but will if the switches next to them are on (like the map lights) i have checked all fuses in the truck and made sure of the interior light kill switch next to the headlight switch is in the correct posistion. also the dash lights (other than the guage cluster and one light on the radio) will not light up when the headlights are on?? this is kinda baffleing to me considering the switches are on and turned up and the fuses are ok. if any one has a solution i am all ears. :neutral:
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    The switch for the door is in the latch, but you must check the wiring to the door latch first for a broken wire.

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    make sure the button by the light switch isnt pushed, it wont let the lights come on when you open the door.
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    ok i just screwed around with that switch and it doesnt feel right like its not popping out right. after messing with it enough the lights finally kicked on, but the lights stay on for about 10 min. it kinda sounds like the override had gone out. i think that the door jam switch is ok cause the radio stays on ( after running engine) untill you open the door. does the override/headlight switch assembly control how long the lights stay on? i dont know if this is relevant or not but i do not have the controls on the steering wheel to make adjust the settings on the computer like the lock settings or anything like that.
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