Audio Help with me DD tuning?!?

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  1. 2003-5.3-V8

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    Have 2 10" 1500series in a ported box that meet the specs of the build your own box on DD Audio's website. I have a Lanzar vibe pro 2200w
    And a clarion z500 head unit
    What should I tune everything so they will sound/hit good in my truck?
    I'm powering the amp with a 2ga wire
    (2003 silverado 1500 extended cab)
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  2. zigger215

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    Need maybe more info? But to be honest man tuning is done by ear. Every situation is different, even if I had that exact same equipment with that exact same box and I tuned it perfectly and took a picture of it and you tuned it the exact same way, it would sound different. This is true for two reasons, the first and most important, you are going to hear things completely different then any of us will so I may hear "clipping" before you or after you. Second, acoustics aren't perfectly matched every time just because the equipment is the same. That one is a much more in depth topic on the reasons why.

    My suggestion, play a song you are REALLY familiar with and start with the frequency at around 80hz. This is good for subs (assuming your box is sealed). 60hz if ported. Make sure your gain is set to zero. If you have bass boost, turn this knob up first. Turn it all the way up slowly or until you hear clipping (it will sound like popping). If you get it all the way up awesome, move onto the gain and repeat, if you don't then your done and don't touch the gain. Subs are very sensitive to gain to adjust this one very slowly and carefully.

    Tuning 101 :)

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