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Discussion in 'Chevy Silverado Forum (GMC Sierra)' started by hdwrench, Feb 12, 2013.

  1. hdwrench

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    hello , my first post and needing help . my truck is a 2001 duramax with auto trans . we broke down recently and had to tow to home . truck was cruiseing fine when a noise apperarred under the passenger side engine area . with in a mile or two truck lost all power , engine and electricial . ign fuse popped in under hood fuse area . replaced with spare ,all electricial power restored but engine would not crank . we towed at this point . got truck home diagnosed the starter getting power but not working . replaced starter now truck starts great but while idleing and un disturbed the starter engages randomly . installed new ign switch thinking faulty but same issue . any help would be greatly appreciated !!
  2. shibby2oo8

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    Sounds like something engaged the old starter while running. The starter circuit is pretty straight forward, ignition switch-bcm/ecm-relay-solenoid-starter. I would take the relay out and open it up to inspect the contacts, then test the ignition switch to computer wires
  3. hdwrench

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    update , well i put an interupter switch in the tickle wire between the relay and starter so i can run truck with relay installed . new development as of today when i started it . now the starter engages as soon as ign switch is to on position and so far stays engaged . also the shift selector does not work for a minute or so and acts lazy or sporadic when selecting gears .other items also not working , the tow haul switch has no function .

    a note to shibby i have changed the relays and all function the same .

    we wondered if the nuetral safety switch could be all or part cause . will have a look sunday before it starts snowing here again in western new york .
  4. shibby2oo8

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    Pull the shrouds off of the steering column, you have a gremlin somewhere in there with all of those centralized probs.
  5. hdwrench

    hdwrench New Member

    progress report

    pulled the covers off and didn't see any problems . at that time it looked like it would be a good idea to look at selector , neutral switch . changed that out and starting problem is gone . only issues i have left is the tow haul button does not work at all . also fuse pops on door lock system as soon as it is inserted in block with or without relays in .
  6. j cat

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    12volts is always on the door locks / always...........when the command to operate the locks is made the return[ground ] is then connected to the car body ground. this then causes the open/lock operation.

    what you have is a short in the supply side of this circuit good luck since this goes to many locations.

    I find you electrical issues not the norm. my guess is some one hacked up the vehicle wiring/stolen hack / or alarm remote start install etc........

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