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  1. Gday.
    I am an Aussie that has just imported a 79 chevy suburban into Australia. (4x4 400 small block). I am in the process of getting the beast registered here in the state Victoria. To do this i have to meet Aussie design rules and get it all checked off by registered engineer. One of the items i am trying to find is the tyre (tire) placard sticker which according to the glove box manual should be stuck on the drivers door. My suburban has been re-sprayed and looks like this has been removed at some stage. What i'm hoping is some-one has an original suburban with this tire decal still intact and they could e-mail me a photo or put a photo up in a gallery so i can get a look at what it should look like. There are a few blokes over here that can re-produce the decals to look factory so i can meet the standards for rego here. Thanks, Take care
    Regards Col.
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    Replacement vin or tire pressure decals

    I'm sure someone with the correct model year will chime in.

    Thought I'd post an information link for replacement decals:
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    hmm try some salvage/junk yards

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