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  1. bowwow

    bowwow New Member

    is there a repair section on site for replacing a tahoe blower resistor it's an 04 and only works in pos 5 1 thru 4 are inop. Would appreciate the help. thanks
  2. unplugged

    unplugged Epic Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts

    Maybe this diagram will help. The resistor is part of the relay assembly. Item #2 in the pic.
  3. bowwow

    bowwow New Member

    Thanks I have a resistor ordered and should have it tomorrow, do you know if its reachable from behind the glove box. thanks again for the info it will help
  4. bowwow

    bowwow New Member


    Thanks for the info I finally got a resistor and installed it and it's fine now. the only issue was the original resistor had a cover over it that snaped in place. When I got the new one the cover would not fit so I assumed I had the wrong part. When I took the original part and cover to the parts store they could not cross reference the nbrs and said it would most likely be a dealer item, when I got to the dealer the parts guy was real good and informed me that with the new replacement part you throw the cover away, I did and installed the new one and it's fine so if anyone out there replaces one ( and I understand they are a weak spot in the system) don't be surprised if you have to throw the cover away if it has one. thanks

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