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    Hey guys a buddy of mine has a 2000 Pontiac fire bird, I need to know if some one can hook me up with a fan circuit schematic, his fans have stopped working he's checked ecm signal it is good, he has changed the relays they are good, he has the fans connected to a direct switch right now and the fans run, he has checked continuity between the relays and the fans and they are good. So if some one could help us out with some ides that would be awesome... btw it has the 3.8 litre v6
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    How did he get a FWD motor in an F-Body? I had an 04 Impala with a 3.8 and called many places that sold crate motors and they all said the 3.8 was a Buick motor and a 4.3 would not bolt up in place of a 3.8. I would say check the thermostat for your friends problem. Chilten and Haynes manuals have schematics in them.

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