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    Have horrible issues with my 2010 Chevrolet Equinox. It is a nightmare. Bought used 3 years ago with 60k miles, now has 137k and still owe on it. Yes I know its a lot of miles but I am basically being told it is worthless and GM will only let me trade it in. I CANNOT AND DO NOT WANT TO BUY A NEW CAR!!! My Equinox is premium, LTZ, Leather, remote start, DVD, back up camera, etc... there is no way I could get that in a new car and not go 30k in debt, AGAIN. I am a single mother that traded in a 2002 Camaro for a more "reliable" vehicle, I just want what I have already paid for!!! Does anyone have information on how to get General Motors to fix my car or buy it back or anything!!! I am so angry, upset, and bitter toward GM because of my Equinox. There are issues ALL over the internet concerning the Equinox. Its a lemon and GM will not take responsibility. PLEASE HELP! :'(
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    You didn't mention what issues it's having ?
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    I'm not sure what all was done under warranty (I know little about cars so mechanic talk is like a foreign language to me). However, I had it to the dealer for a check engine light, ticking noise, and rough idle before the warranty was up. They fixed something almost every time, which was 3 times I believe. At 130k my check engine light came on when I parked the car. When I got in it next, it did not want to start and the light was still on so I immediately checked the oil... no oil. Drove to the closest gas station and added two quarts. Engine still did not want to start but did. Then had issues accelerating. Drove immediately to dealer... But the car did not make it. It broke down and I had to have Progressive tow it to a dealer that could look at it on that day. They called and said it would cost $3400 to fix. I filed a complaint with GM, they dropped the price down to $1400 (Something about pistons?). Now, 4 months later... exhaust manifold needs replaced AGAIN (this was done under warranty at 98k) and something about the AC Compressor... $1500 worth of work. My Equinox sounds and smells like a go cart and it is beyond embarrassing to start or drive.

    I found out that my dealer never did an oil monitoring recall, even though the car was in the dealer (the one I bought it from, a Buick GMC dealer) several times after the recall release even the dealer that did the engine work (a separate dealer, a Chevrolet dealer). Also they extended a warranty to 120k on the issue that I had fixed and paid for (Pistons) but I was never made aware of the extended warranty. I always had a concern due to the ticking and idle issue but was told the ticking was "Normal"!? and that they fixed the idle issue with one of the jobs done under warranty. ALSO, the dealer I bought it from told me that my car consumed a lot of oil, which I thought was weird but he advised me just to check the levels. WELL... come to find out... this is a HUGE issue with the Equinox. I find it hard to believe that my dealer didn't know what was going on with my car.

    On top of these issues, small things have broken like the heated seats, my wiper transmission, the key fob, etc. along with a list of things that were fixed during the previous ownership. IT IS ONLY 5 years old!!! Seems a little ridiculous.
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    I doubt you'll be able to pin this on GM. I'll be honest if you are able to fix the engine for just $1400 you are probably quite lucky. Driving without engine oil will ruin the engine very quickly, and will eventually seize it up completly. Probably why it hesitated to start.

    As for the exhaust manifold, you can probably make them re-do it, since it should definitly last longer than 4 months.
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