Helping people who are stuck?

Discussion in 'The Coffee Shop ~ Chit Chat' started by oxendale, Feb 27, 2013.

  1. TRPLXL2

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    In my mind I could never ask someone for money, when I am the one who choses to stop and "help". I just asked my boyfriend the same thing, and he laughed and said he wouldn't charge either. I don't have a long drug out post to reply, simple answer I just don't charge money.
  2. aloxdaddy99

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    When I had my Jeep wit a winch on it I would stop and help at no charge. I always had them hook up the strap. I would check to make sure it would not damage my equipment before begining to pull. My reason for not charging is I have been on the other end of the deal more times than I can count. No cash or anything to offer, and I remember how helpless I felt. The purchase of the winch was for me not for anyone else. As in if I got stuck. [MENTION=50075]SurrealOne[/MENTION] do you have a Pullpal? If the answer is no than your winch is useless on say the beach without someone else stopping to help you. So you would need their truck/suv to pull yourself out. I know not many people may have the chance to be in the situation but it has happened to me!

    The only exception to me stopping is if I felt something didn't feel/look right in the situation. My safety is paramount!
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    A few years back I was at a local ATV riding area and came across a guy who had gotten his quad stuck in the mud. I hooked up my quad to his and pulled him out. This completely burned out my clutch. He gave me his phone number stating he was gonna help me pay for the clutch. He would never return my calls. It cost me over 300 bucks to pull him out!
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    @aloxdaddy99, I don't have a Pullpal ... yet. It's on my want list but isn't a priority since I have yet to be in an environment where there's no solid anchor. If I lived near the coast or a desert and frequently hit the beach or dunes then I'd already own one, as it has no reliable competition (the SB Wasp is a joke).

    If they weren't so darn spendy (the RW14000 is like 500 bucks!) then I'd already own one, too ... but for something that'll see even less use than the gear I have (if it's ever used, at all), it waits. :) As a worst case, right now, I do carry a folding shovel and a full-size spare, so I could always dig a hole, bury the spare aer anchoring to it, and go that route. It'd take a heck of a long time but it's tried and true.
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    This is actually an interesting topic to me because here in Amarillo we received a near record setting blizzard dropping 19 inches of snow in most parts and upwards to 21 inches in others. I feel like a good deed given is a good deed received later down the road. I've always paid it forward whether it be a friend or a complete stranger. I think we all have certain principles to go by when helping people that are stuck. Mine seem to be in line with most peoples. Generally, I look at a few things like: Am I in a hurry? Does this person have kiddos with them? Is he a self entitled prick that in most other scenarios I'd like to kick the **** out of? Are there already numerous 4x4s attempting to help? Where am I? Is it possible? I have never charged though only based on the principle that I feel like I should pay a few good deeds forward to maybe get a good deed later. A good example of this would have been on Monday. I helped a lady who should not have been out in the weather get going through a very busy intersection with on-coming traffic. I helped out a few other people burried up to the window in snow by digging them out and then pulling on em a bit. When my buddy called me in the afternoon because he was stuck, I had to pass by a lot of people who were stuck, one being an extremely lifted Chevy in the very neighborhood I was going to. It should have been a sign to me, but I kept on and as I got to his street I got pulled into a 4 ft snow drift and buried myself to the frame. The good deed paid to me was the sweet (and sexy I may add) woman's house I was in front of who lended me her two teenage boys to help dig my ruts back out of that place. My good deeds paid back to me with another good deed. I keep in mind that everyone always needs help at some point in their life. I've always, and I mean ALWAYS have given the help and received very little. That's not a complaint but something I take pride in. I know that someday though I'll need those favors returned back.

    E_HILLMAN Member 1 Year

    I never charge people to pull them out.

    If I am in a hurry and on my way to work etc. they need to be in a bad situation where I feel they are in danger or causing someone else to be in danger.

    If I am not in a hurry I stop 99% of the time. Even if they offer I don't take their money. I just hope they pay it forward or someone else would do it for me. I also let them tell me where to hook to their car and I tell them they are responsible for their car.

    ...if something happens to my vehicle it is my bad. I should have known better and I am the one that chose to put myself in that situation.
  7. SurrealOne

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    That made me laugh!
  8. Curky

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    As long as i have time, which I am always early so I do help 75% of the time, even if it changing a tire that looks like they have no clue what to do or just old. I have my own jack in the truck because you think i'm a dumb dumb if you think i will use one that comes with these cars now a days. I never ask for nothing in return but 30% of the time they do give you something. I have pulled someone out that I thought I might do damage but they did not care. I got his cell number and sent him a text that said no damage to either vehicle is anyone's respectability but your own for pulling you out of this ditch (date ant time is on the text). they reply with agreed. DONE verbal agreement is on both tested. I only used my phone once because i thought i was going to tare off his front bumper. All was good.
    I would like someone to help me so that is why i help.
  9. tbplus10

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    As long as he's got a spare tire and a lug wrench he doesnt need a Pull Pal when he's on the beach, or an old log could work too, basically anything large to wrap the winch cable around and bury, preferably on the other side of a sand dune. Been stuck on Carolina beach's more than once and had to figure out how to get myself rolling without outside help.
  10. SurrealOne

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    [MENTION=14295]tbplus10[/MENTION] -- yup. That's exactly why a Pullpal hasn't been a priority; I have a tried-and-true workaround. It'd be inconvenient ... but it'd get the job done.

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