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    his soft spot fused to soon , surgery was to reconstruct forehead so brain will have enough room to grow, good chance skull would have formed oblong

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    Henry is off wires and tubes and will be fitted for a helmet, Docs say a chance to go home a day early. Will wait and see if my neice, Henry and dad will be able to come down in may, if not maybe I can take a couple of days off with a weekend and drive to DesMoines, IA 675 mi. I'm an old truck driver could do it in one day with Slim Jims , MT. Dew and Twinkies
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    Good to hear the youngster is doing well. Will keep prayers going and see if God answers the way I would like. So far so good. Keep us updated on the success coming Henry's way.
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    557244_10150772295154252_642889251_11449113_1292435431_n.jpg Henry , Mom and Dad are home for much needed rest , they had rowdy roomates with cell phones and loud tv. He has to wear a foam hemet for awhile , is already wanting jump when you hold him and enjoying his toys. thanks everyone for your thoughts and prayers. His shirt says " DON'T MESS WITH ME CAUSE MY AUNT KICKS BUTT! " from his aunt Emily and she will!
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    Sweet glad Henry is home safe with you... tell him to hang on to that fancy lid he sporting and he can use it when he comes off roading with us.....

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